I've been drawing since the age of five. I was influenced by the art of Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Druuna- the erotic science fiction and fantasy comic book character by Italian cartoonist Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, the horror writings of Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft, Marvel Comic's run of Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja, Heavy Metal Magazine, horror comics, and horror movies of the 1970s and 1980s. Themes that I explore with my art are the diabolical, horror, or eroticism, and sometimes all three in the same piece. My traditional style is black and white pencil, but I have experimented with ink, ink and colored pencils, digital art, and paint. I have self-published a book of my artwork titled The Diabolical Art Of Michael K. Silva.

I'm a writer of short stories in the genres of horror, science fiction, science fiction horror, sword & sorcery, and dark fantasy. I have self-published a science fiction novella titled Koneko, a science fiction novel titled The Destroying Hand, the now defunct magazines The Nightmare Engine: Horror Fiction Magazine and Dark Somewhere: A Magazine of Dark Fiction. I also self-published an anthology of my dark fiction titled The Unfurling Darkness: An Anthology of Dark Fiction and an anthology of my sword & sorcery fiction titled The Flash Of A Blade: An Anthology of Sword & Sorcery Fiction.

I'm also a musician, having first learned how to play the ukulele as a child then learning how to play the bass guitar at the age of thirteen. I formed my own punk rock band around 1984 named M.U.G. (Mean Ugly Guys) with my brother and friend, and from 1985 to the early 90s, we were a fixture in Honolulu's punk scene. I also formed a few other bands in the mid to late '90s.

I am currently working on several art and writing projects. I just released my first solo album of ambient music titled "Nightmare In Ice", which was inspired by the science fiction novella "Who Goes There?" by John W. Campbell, Jr.

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