Below are music vids from my punk band M.U.G. (Mean Ugly Guys).

We were a fixture in the Honolulu punk scene from 1985 to the early-90s.

M.U.G. (Mean Ugly Guys)- Snap

M.U.G. (Mean Ugly Guys)- Suicidal Run, Live at the Volcom Skate Jame 1996

Here is an audio only music video for the track "Obsidian

Glaciers"  from the album "Nightmare In Ice".


M.U.G. (Mean Ugly Guys)- Under the Gun, Live at the Volcom Skate Jam 1996

On this page, you will find music videos of my solo work

as well as stuff related to my old punk rock band from

Honolulu called M.U.G. (Mean Ugly Guys)

Here is an audio only music video for the track "The

Thing" from the album "Nightmare In Ice".

Below is an interview with me and my friend Kevin Jones on his podcast called

Punk On A Rock, where he interviews members of Hawaii's punk rock scene.

We talk about M.U.G., the old Honolulu punk scene from the early-80s to the 90s, and the various bands I formed after M.U.G.