M.U.G. (Mean Ugly Guys)- Snap

Below are two tracks for my soon-to-released ambient/experimental

music album Nightmare In Ice.

M.U.G. (Mean Ugly Guys)- Suicidal Run, Live at the Volcom Skate Jame 1996


M.U.G. (Mean Ugly Guys)- Under the Gun, Live at the Volcom Skate Jam 1996

Below is an interview with me and my friend Kevin Jones on his podcast called

Punk On A Rock, where he interviews members of Hawaii's punk rock scene.

We talk about M.U.G., the old Honolulu punk scene from the early-80s to the '90s, and the various bands I formed after M.U.G.

Michael K. Silva- Obsidian Glaciers

Michael K. Silva- The Thing

Below are music vids from my punk band M.U.G. (Mean Ugly Guys).

We were a fixture in the Honolulu punk scene from 1985 to the early-90s.